Inverter LED Bulb 9W - Pack of 2

The Power jack LED bulb functions with the help of an internal battery, charging itself when switched on during the availability of power supply. As soon as the electricity is disconnected, this bulb backed with wide voltage springs into action and brightens up the spaces.
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The battery will automatically charge, if the switch is left 'ON', when the main supply(Live electricity) is available. Charging time: 8-10 hours. The bulb will automatically switch to operating on internal battery, in case of a complete power blackout.
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Brand Sunbulls
Availability in stock
Sub_Type Inverter Bulb
Product Type Inverted Led Bulb
Voltage 100-300V
Wattage 9 W
Frequency 50Hz
Other Specifications Power Consumption - 9 W / Working Voltage - AC 100-300V / Frequency - 50Hz / Power Factor - >0.9 / Surge Immunity - >3KV / Luminous Efficacy - 100Lm/W / Color Temperature - 3000K
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