4 Step V Belt Pulley 2+3+4+5 Inches A and B Section - 1 Pcs Pack

A step pulley is a system of pulleys made up of many different sizes. The typical step pulley consists of a two- to four-pulley configuration. Step pulleys have two or more non-adjustable grooves which have different pitches located around the same shaft. These pulleys change the speed ratio of the transmission. --> FREE SHIPPING <-- ₹ 1231.00 + 18% GST = ₹ 1452.00
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This type of step pulley is found on equipment such as a drill press where different operational speeds can be produced simply by changing the belt to a different pulley size. The step pulley is always operated in pairs, and when the belt is changed on one pulley, it is also changed on the corresponding pulley on the other side of the belt.
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Brand Best Commerce
Availability in stock
Product Type V Belt Pulley
Sub_Type Step Pulley
Pulley Type Pulley Type
Material Cast Iron
Section A & B Section
Other Specifications 2+3+4+5 Inches Three Step Pulley / Calculated Inches :- 14 Inch --> FREE SHIPPING <--
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