Family Solar Lamp in Plastic Bottle

Multipurpose Solar LED Family Lantern with 360 degrees throwaway light with an inbuilt lithium battery & a Solar Panel. It has multiple brightness adjustment modes wherein the first mode emits colourful light and can be used as a night lamp and the other brightness modes emit White LED light which is adjustable in order of light output required. Once fully charged, depending on the brightness mode being used, the product can delivery a backup of upto 6 hours. It also hybrid which means it can be recharged via electricity (charger not included) as well. Since the entire product is built on the concept of "All in One" , it makes the product very portable & easy to carry which means it is suitable for camping, hiking and basic lighting purposes. The product comes in a plastic container type body which can be used to store small & lightweight things. The product is also waterproof and fit for outdoor use as well --> FREE SHIPPING <-- ₹ 511.00 + 12% GST =₹ 572.00
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Brand Solar Universe India
Availability in stock
Product Type Solar Lamp
Sub_Type Solar Energy
Material Plastic
Other Specifications 360 Degrees LED Family Lantern cum Lamp : Plastic Container Type : Solar Powered : Inbuilt Battery : Electricity Charging : Multiple Brightness Adjustment Modes : Handle for sturdy Grip Body Color - Yellow or Red, LED Color - White for General Lighting Multiple Protections for Battery & Discharge along with LED Indicator for Recharging & Discharge Upto 6 hours backup based on brightness mode chosen LED Lantern, Plastic Container, Battery, Solar Panel included with the product Care instructions: glass product: do not apply pressure from the top, handle with care and avoid shaking of the package MADE IN INDIA - Warranty of 6 Months. No Warranty on Breakage or Tampering of Product
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