SUI 325W 24V PolyCrystalline Solar Panel - 2 Pcs Pack

320-330Wp Solar Panel with Wire (Pack of 2 PCs). Perfect for 24-volt battery charging or multiple panels can be wired in series for 24/48-volt battery charging or for grid-tied or off grid applications. Cell conversion efficiency > 19 percent. Open-circuit voltage (voc): 44.0 volts, optimum operating current (imp): 8.5 amps, short-circuit current :(isc): 9.4 amps, high modules conversion efficiency (depends on sunlight availability) Roof & Ground mount compatible --> FREE SHIPPING <-- ₹ 23720.00 + 12% GST = ₹ 26566.00
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Brand Solar Universe India
Availability in stock
Product Type Solar Panel
Sub_Type 325W PolyCrystalline Solar Panel
Material PolyCrystalline
Voltage 24V
Other Specifications Package contents : poly crystalline panel, 24 v (pack of 2) / Performance Warranty of 25-years as per STC & MNRE conditions / 10 year on manufacturing defects
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